Beige Kitchen Wrap (RM13)

If you’re in search of a timeless and rustic look, our Beige color option is the perfect fit for you. Its cream undertones evoke a sense of classic country style, while its neutral hue provides a versatile base for any design scheme. Choose Beige for a subtle yet charming addition to your space.


The manufacturer of this vinyl offer 10 years Guarantee against Yellowing, Discolouring, Delamination and Cracking

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A profesional installers opinion.

I have to admit, Beige isn’t a color that I’ve used very often. But every time I do, I’m amazed by how great it looks. I wanted to mention that during fitting, we noticed some marks on the vinyl. However, they were easily cleaned off, so it wasn’t a big issue. Overall, if you’re looking for a versatile and beautiful color, I highly recommend trying out Beige.