Report Issues and Repairs - Customer Service Form

We recognise that encountering issues with your kitchen wrap can be a source of stress, often leading to concerns even before a conversation begins. At Kitchenwrapper, we understand and empathise with these feelings. Our priority is to prevent any potential concerns from escalating. By using this form to submit your issue, you can be assured that our dedicated team is committed to resolving matters swiftly and efficiently, at no additional cost to you. And don’t worry if the damage was accidental; we understand these things happen. Rest assured, we will never seek to profit from accidents made by our customers. All we ask in return is that you be honest and respectful in your communication with us.

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Please ensure you use the same email address that was used during the booking process. If the email address does not match, our system may not recognize you as an existing customer, which could lead to delays in resolving your issue.