David At Visionary Kitchen Wraps

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with David from Visionary Kitchen Wraps, also known as David Kitchen Wrapper on TikTok. I was struck by his bubbly and friendly demeanor, and his passion for kitchen wrapping was evident in our conversation.

David’s videos on TikTok stood out to me because they go beyond the typical “before and after” images. In fact, one of his videos even featured footage of fish underwater!

What Motivates David

When I asked David what motivates him, he gave me a simple but unexpected answer: “My ADHD is like a superpower.” It was refreshing to speak with someone so open about their challenges and how they can be used to their advantage.

How it started

David has been working with vinyl for 16 years, ever since he started working for a sign company when he was 21. He wrapped his first kitchen back in 2017 and has been doing it ever since.

Advice for anyone starting out

When I asked him for advice for anyone looking to start out in kitchen wrapping, he emphasized the importance of not under-pricing oneself, using quality materials, and finding a business mentor. He also recommended getting on TikTok to showcase one’s work.

Software to run the business

David mentioned that he’s not great with computers and software, but he recently joined KitchenWrapper.com and has found their system to be a huge time-saver. He also shared that he used to do bedroom furniture and even wrapped someone’s front door, but after reading “The E Myth Revisited,” he realized the importance of doing one thing and doing it well.

Business to Business Kitchen Wraps

David’s main source of business comes from wrapping kitchens for some of the biggest housing associations in Scotland. While the work may not be fancy, it keeps him busy and he’s grateful for it.

Wrap it up!

Before we wrapped up our conversation, David gave a special shoutout to his partner Jodie, who he described as his rock and someone who helps him with everything. If you’re curious to see David’s infectious energy for yourself, I highly recommend checking out his TikTok account.