Meet Kane, the founder of FLOWRAP

Kane from FLOWRAP in Chorley, Lancashire, approached me a few months ago for some advice on TikTok, and since then, we have developed a good rapport. Kane’s kitchen wrapping skills have impressed me, and I was excited to ask him some questions for

Where did the name “FLOWRAP” come from

Kane named his company FLOWRAP, which he derived from his logo ideas. He liked the way “FLO” sounds and flows into “WRAP.” Kane previously worked as a lead installer for a company specialising in commercial interior vinyl wraps, where he wrapped tens of thousands of meters of architectural vinyl across the UK and Europe. During his downtime, Kane wrapped several kitchens and saw the potential for kitchen wrapping to become more popular if people understood the product and its expectations and limitations. In 2022, Kane started FLOWRAP as a way to fill time between subcontracting, and it has now become the majority of his workload in 2023.

What motivates him

Kane is motivated by several factors, such as making customers happy with the end result of a kitchen, creating engaging social media content, earning money for quality work, and being known in the industry as a reliable and quality installer for technical projects.

Tips for anyone looking to get into kitchen wrapping

For anyone interested in getting into kitchen wrapping, Kane recommends the two-day course at William Smith, where you can learn technical knowledge, preparation processes, and how to vinyl wrap. You’ll receive plenty of help and feedback from top installers like Phil Moran from Wrapture and John/Gill from William Smith to ensure your success in your new business venture.

Tools for Workflow Management

Kane manages his workflow, quotes, and week using Google Calendar. However, he also recommends the enquiry form at for anyone who needs assistance.

Other Services Offered

Although FLOWRAP focuses primarily on kitchen wrapping, Kane has also worked on several other projects such as lift interiors, bespoke hotel display pieces, bakery interiors, and interior doors for a supercar showroom. In addition, Kane does a lot of subcontracting work for other installers’ businesses.

Wrap it up!

It’s worth noting that Kane contacted me for tips on TikTok a few months back, and since then, he has amassed thousands more followers than me. Whether it’s down to my advice or his natural talent for social media, I’m not sure, but I may need to ask him for some tips now!

Kane would like to give a special mention to Phil Moran from Wrapture Architectural for his support and helpful advice, George Howell from William Smith for his assistance over the past few months, and Alex from Kitchen Wraps Glasgow for his encouragement and support. Alex is the man to see in Glasgow if you’re looking to have your kitchen wrapped.