Transforming a 1960s Kitchen into a Modern Masterpiece in Edinburgh

Embracing Modernity with a Touch of Country Charm

In the heart of Edinburgh, a kitchen stuck in the 1960s era underwent a remarkable transformation, seamlessly blending modern design with country-style elements. This ambitious project involved the meticulous application of M9 navy blue vinyl for the doors and a G6 grey butcher block wood effect for the worktops, creating a striking contrast that breathes new life into the space.

Challenges Turned Opportunities

Every renovation has its hurdles, and this kitchen was no exception. The biggest challenge lay in the outdated fixings – hinges and drawer runners that had seen better days. However, we turned this obstacle into an opportunity for improvement, replacing them with new, more efficient fixtures.

Thoughtful Upgrades for Enhanced Functionality

Noteworthy in this transformation is the replacement of old, shallow drawers with deeper ones, offering more storage space and convenience. Moreover, all doors have now been upgraded to soft-close mechanisms, adding a touch of sophistication and tranquility to the kitchen environment.

Client Satisfaction and Cost-Effective Solutions

Our client’s satisfaction speaks volumes about the success of this project. They were not only thrilled with the aesthetic and functional upgrades but also the cost savings achieved through this transformation.

The Journey of Renovation

The installation process was more extensive than our usual projects, spread over three separate installations. This extended timeline was a testament to our commitment to detail and quality, ensuring that every aspect of the kitchen was meticulously addressed.


This kitchen transformation in Edinburgh stands as a testament to the beauty and efficiency that can be achieved through thoughtful design and skilled craftsmanship. It’s a perfect blend of modern and country styles, meeting the client’s vision while improving functionality and aesthetics.